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Welcome to ACE Lab!

  All of our researchers at ACE Lab share an insatiable passion for cars. Our joint pursuit in realizing our mission of achieving zero emissions and zero accidents in future cars has enabled us to achieve vital milestones in the automotive industry. The challenges ahead may still be great, but we believe that our goals are achievable in time. Fueled by our unrelenting passion for innovation in automotive technologies, we are committed to accelerating the dawn of a new era in driving.


  ACE Lab has spearheaded interdisciplinary research with a single focus on advancing automotive engineering at its very core--the electronics and control systems. Our unprecedented community of research staff come from diverse backgrounds in electrical, electronics, mechanical, and computer engineering. We are unique in that all of our researchers possess strong fundamentals in automotive electronics and control systems: in-vehicle network design, model-based software development, and advanced control engineering. Based on these fundamentals, breakthrough technologies for Green cars and Smart cars have been advanced.


  Not only do we push disciplinary boundaries for innovation, we also embrace demographic and geographic diversity. We are always looking for organizations and top talents from around the world to join our journey to transform the way we drive.



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