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Which courses does Professor Myoungho Sunwoo teach?

Professor Myoungho Sunwoo lectures Electric Engineering, Elcetronic Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics, Microprocessor Application for Undergraduates. At graduate level, he lectures automobile electronic control, Adaptive Control, Digital Control, Advanced Microprocessor Application.

How do I apply to ACE Lab?

ACE Lab recruits graduate students in the spring and fall semester.

ACE Lab recruits students with passion and dedication and provides the best environment to conduct research on their field of interest.

If you are interested in joining ACE Lab, please send a simple self-introduction and field of interest to Professor Sunwoo Myungho (

Also, ACE Lab’s summer internship program will guide you to learn and experience research conducted in ACE Lab.

What are the roles of Freescale (former Motorola) and ACE Lab in their joint research?

Freescale Semiconductor specializes in manufacturing microcomputers which function as a brain in the embedded control system. Its sale marks the world’s best, occupying 60% of the international market of microcomputers used in automobile control system. Freescale Semiconductor provides the latest model microcomputers, relevant semiconductors and equipment, and research subsidies for ACE Lab to design the next-generation embedded control system.

What are the standards for research assistantship for graduate students and Post Doctor treatment?

M.S. Program: entire tuition fee + research assistantship (best treatment in Korea)

Ph.D. Program: entire tuition fee+ research assistantship (best treatment in Korea)

Post Doctor: best treatment in Korea

What are the required courses of Electronic and Computer Engineering for Mechanical Engineering students?

It is suggested to take Information Structure Theory, Microprocessor, Programming Methodology, Operation System, Computer System, Computer Network, and Embedded System Designing courses.

What are the required undergraduate courses in order to study in ACE Lab?

In case of mechanical engineering major students, it will be helpful to take courses related to computer, programming, automatic control, and automobiles after completing mechanical studies courses. Computer programming, kinetics, thermodynamics, electric-electronic engineering, mechanics, combustion engineering, mechatronics, system analysis, microprocessor application, automatic control, vehicle kinetics and control courses are the examples.

What are the possible career fields after graduating from ACE Lab?

Applicable areas of the designing technology of network-based embedded control system are dramatically growing in number, including automobiles, robots, space aviation, computer embedded gadgets of the next-generation, and mobile phones. The demand for relevant human resource, therefore, is also increasing rapidly worldwide. After the lab, people with doctor’s degree usually get into national research centers, universities, industrial institutes, and etc. And those with master’s degree get into automobile, automobile components, semiconductor, telecommunications companies and play a significant role in enhancing the national technological competitiveness.

I wish to learn more about the internship program.

Since 2001, the internship program is provided annually during the summer break. Recruitment information is posted on ACE Lab’s website in early June and is applied through email. The opportunity is given after meeting with professors in charge. During the internship course, you learn about the fundamental technology of embedded control system designing, and some assignments related to Line tracer(car), DC motor control, Matlab application technology, computer communication and programming, and so forth are given. Also, you will present your achievement during seminars and participate in various seminars held by the lab. This is a great opportunity for you to apply the theories you have studied through undergraduate courses to real projects using a number of soft and hard wares, which is quite hard to do in undergraduate programs.

- Fond be computers
- Interested in control system
- Takes challenges in designing cutting-edge intelligent mechanical system of the 21st century.

Potential Candidates : Seniors (majoring in Electric and Electronic Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and other related subjects)

Internship Length : 4-6 weeks

Applications : Transcript, Cover letter, Statement of Purpose
Via E-mail (

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